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elliott's Journal

Don't spell my name with one T, motherfucker
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Drink up, baby.
a little less than a suicide...
2:45 am, a fond farewell, a living will, a passing feeling, a question mark, a silver chain, alameda, alphabet town, amanda cecilia, american beauty, amity, angel in the snow, angeles, antitrust, baby britain, ballad of big nothing, beatles, because, beck, between the bars, big decision, big star, bled white, blue mood, bottle up and explode!, brand new game, california, can't make a sound, cavity search records, christian brothers, clementine, coast to coast, color bars, come to me, coming up roses, condor ave, cop and speeder, crazy fucker, cupid's trick, cutting, dead air, division day, don't go down, drive all over town, easy way out, either/or, eliot smith, elliot smith, elliott, elliott smith, elliott smith's music, everybody cares everybody understands, everything's ok, flowers for charlie, georgia, going nowhere, gondola men, good to go, good will hunting, hanging out with me, hope, i didn't understand, i figured you out, independence day, janet weiss, joanna bolme, john lennon, junk bond trader, keeping the faith, kill rock stars, king's crossing, la, last call, last hour, let's get lost, little one, living in a cage, long long long, los angeles, mic city sons, miss misery, mr. goodmorning, nebraska, needle in the hay, neil young, new monkey, nico, no confidence man, no life, no more, no name #1, no name #2, no name #3, no name #4, no name #5, no name #6, oh well okay, ostriches & chirping, pictures of me, pitseleh, placeholder, poetry, pretty (ugly before), punch and judy, quasi, riot coming, roman candle, rose parade, sam coomes, satellite, say yes, self harming, shooting star, single file, some song, son of sam, sorry my mistake, southern belle, speed trials, st. ides heaven, stained glass eyes, steve hanft, steven paul smith, stickman, still here, strung out again, stupidity tries, suicide, sweet addy, sweet adeline, talking to mary, television, the beatles, the biggest lie, the enemy is you, the girl next door, the last hour, the royal tenenbaums, these days, tomorrow tomorrow, twilight, waltz #1, waltz #2 (xo), waltzes, wouldn't mama be proud